You are probably wondering why emails from the Dairydata team are coming from “Delivery Software”. Well from 1st March 2020, “Borsdane Wood Ltd.” is changing its name to “Delivery Software Ltd” and we are using this opportunity to change our logos and bring our websites into the 21st century. Our new corporate website is

Emails to will still continue to work. However, we ask that you update our contact details as is our preferred address from now on.

The Dairydata brand is well known in the industry and we hope it will continue to be the choice used by hundreds of Milk Delivery operations throughout the UK. Our website will also be getting a long overdue overhaul in the next few weeks.

Nothing has changed under the hood, we are still the same people and company. We felt that our Limited Company name was causing confusion and did not indicate what the company does.

Borsdane Wood
The real Borsdane Wood

Borsdane Wood is an Ancient Semi Natural Woodland near Wigan and Westhoughton. Whilst walking the dog in this wood in the late eighties, Geoff remarked that Borsdane Wood would be a great name for a company. A few years later when Chris needed to create a limited company for the consultancy work he was doing, Borsdane Wood Ltd was born. Roll forward another few years and we decided to merge Dairydata and Borsdane Wood, as there was no benefit, only additional costs when running two separate companies.