Newsletter Autumn 2022

Meet the New Faces at DSL

Welcome Holly, Holly joined us in March as our Accounts and Office Administrator. Holly comes from a sales background and has just returned to work from extended maternity leave. She loves spending time with her family.

We are also delighted to welcome Bailey Jones who joined the business in September as Support Technician. Bailey studied Sports Science at university but has decided to move into the IT sector. He has relocated from Essex to Warrington to join us and progress his career.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

All new clients, and more and more existing clients are using their Paragon software hosted in the cloud (Software as a Service or more commonly referred to as SaaS). But what has led to this shift away from having the software installed on local PCs or local network systems?

There are a whole host of good business reasons.

  • Reduced IT management costs. We look after the computer environment that runs our software. You simply need devices which can connect to the internet. As a result, we can significantly reduce or in some cases completely take away the headache of managing your core IT infrastructure and associated costs
  • Flexibility of where you work and how you access your systems Having your software installed in our AWS cloud, means it is accessible 24/7 from any location with suitable internet access and a portable device (Windows/Mac)
  • Business continuity If you can’t get to the office, or your in-office IT is compromised (fire, theft, flood, power outage etc) you can still access your system from any internet connected alternate location.
  • Scalability Traditional computing often means that your business growth requires expensive ‘step changes’ in infrastructure, storage, processing capability etc. With a SaaS solution, you can increase your IT capability as easily as turning a dial. You just pay for what computing capability you need, when you need it.
  • Backup – we automatically take daily backups of your data providing peace of mind that in the event of an issue arising which needs data reinstating, we can go back 30 days.
  • Access to new features Some of the exciting new features being released are only able to work in the cloud. These include being able to pre-authorise credit cards facilitating weekly payment collection and instant sign up for new clients.

Speak to us about how we can help you make that journey to the cloud

Support Update

Support Hours

We realized our clients needed support earlier on Saturday, we have responded to this and adjusted the support hours. As of July 2022 the support line is open 9.00 am to 3.00 pm on Saturday.

What’s New!

Stored Card Feature using Stripe – If you utilise our fantastic online web application YourMOO, you can now benefit from the Stored Card feature. You can set at the customer level if you require them to Pre – Authorise a credit or debit card. The day after that customers invoice schedule an automated routine runs in the background, debits the customers card with what they owe and marks the customer as paid. Requirements for this feature are, you must be using Paragon Cloud, and you must have Stripe setup as your payment provide via YourMOO. If you are not yet using our Cloud version, please call for a free quote.

Import BACS Payments – The list of banks supported for this feature is always expanding. Bank statements can be uploaded from the following banks,

  • Santander
  • Natwest
  • Isle of Man
  • Lloyds
  • HSBC
  • Barclays

We are also in the process of adding the CO-OP. If your bank isn’t listed, please get in touch to see if we can help.

Customer Satisfaction

Increasing numbers of clients take the time when they receive their call closure email to let us know what they thought of the service from the team. To all those who take the time to respond, thank you so much. You told us that for nearly 80% of your tickets, you felt you received Great Service. 

Great job by the support team!

Your feedback is invaluable in helping to shape our service and remember that every completed survey is entered into a quarterly draw for an Amazon voucher. Our winner in the draw for the quarter from April to June 2022 was Dairy2Door in Leicester.